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Eco Art

Eco Art

At Habitile, we are committed to creating designs that showcase and protect nature's beauty while adding style and functionality to buildings. The following projects are some of the various ways we bring people and nature together. They include everything from an ecological green roof to public green space.

CALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCES LIVING ROOF: 2003 - 2008 - with RANA CREEK (Ecological Consultant to Landscape Architects: SWA)

Living Architecture, Design, Regenerative Horticulture & Branding

  • Weekly Monitor
  • Plant & Soil Selection
  • Systems Design
  • Maintenance Regime Determination

Budget: $75K for Research and Design Development and $200K for Plant Propagation & Bio-tray Design

Working with Paul Kephart and Rana Creek, Aurora helped to found the company's budding "Living Architecture" division. Aurora worked with the complex array of board members, architects, designers, engineers, consultants, stakeholders, public and press to test, prove, and realize an iconic example of an ecological green roof in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.

SAN FRANCISCO TRANSBAY TERMINAL ECOLOGY & LIVING ROOF: 2008-15 - with RANA CREEK (Ecological Consultant to Landscape Architects: Peter Walker Partners)

Living Architecture, Sustainable Integration, Landscape Design & Branding

  • Team Recruiter

Lead & Manager for the Public Design Competition in 2007

  • Conceptual Eco-System Design and Layout
  • Systems Integration Engineering & Planning
  • Maintenance Regime

Budget: $280K for Research and Design Development and 7% of Architectural Fee through Installation

Working with Hines/Pelli, Clarke, Pelli and Peter Walker Partners, Aurora brought together a winning ecological design team to collaborate with Atelier Ten and Rana Creek Living Architecture. The teams designed the sky park's eco-tone approach, bringing diversity to the public green space.

Rana Creek also sized and designed the rooftop garden to absorb and process the storm-water from the 1,200 foot tower that is to accompany the terminal. The district was purple-piped and there was a conceptual design for an integrated co-generation facility. The vegetation and soils will mitigate the carbon from the buses, the urban heat island effect, as well as the storm-water.